House and Lot for sale at Loyola Grand Villa

1900 square meters more or less.. 3 storey. 10 bedrooms, theater room, piped in music, entire house cctv, big pool wd jacuzzi, masters bedroom worth 5m interior Walk in closet, With Never been used jacuzzi wd ref & tv, infrared sauna, shower with steam sauna. 3rd floor overlooking party place, gym, curtains worth 6m. Never been used formal dining area with furnitures worth 3m.. kitchen, dirty kitchen, drivers quarter, security guards quarter, maids quarter.. Living room crystal chandelier worth 3m, Grand staircase chandeliers worth 2m, other areas chandeliers worth 1.5m.. Theater room set up 7 surround speakers, projector, lazy boy chairs total set up cost 1.5m. Big landscaped garden,. Half court basketball court. 12 car garage..

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